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Our Charitable Trust provides specialist interventions for boys with a known history of sexually harmful behaviours.

Underpinned by over 50 years successful provision of outstanding therapeutic care, Glebe House offers an emotionally secure and monitored environment, which supports adolescent males who have displayed harmful sexual behaviours.

Residents are referred to us by Children's Services or as directed by the Court. During their placement, Residents are encouraged to recognise and effectively reduce risks and threats. The aim is to assist them to learn how to maintain pro-social behaviours, so that they can resume independent living in the future.

We receive no central government funding. Local authorities pay fees which cover the basic costs of care and education. However, these costs do not allow for any capital development, the up-keep of our buildings and site, or any of the extra curricular activities, which others may take for granted and which our boys so desperately need.

You may be interested to know that we are now able to accept donations to our Charity via this website and should you wish to give on a one-off basis or donate regularly we would be most grateful for your support. You can be assured that your generosity will make a real difference to someone's life. You can also make a donation by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to: Friends Therapeutic Community Trust.

Every donation is gratefully received and will go towards helping us with projects such as:

  • Educational Trips
  • Supporting our residents as they establish themselves when re-entering the Community
  • Environmental sustainability projects
  • Young-person specific projects

"I could not commend this home any more, they are fantastic." (Quote taken from a professional from an OFSTED full inspection report in 2013)


Find out how your legacy gift could help young people's lives if you are considering leaving a gift to Glebe House in your Will.

What your gift could achieve... By leaving a gift to Glebe House in your Will, you can make a positive impact on generations to come. Legacy gifts of the past have already helped us achieve so much:

  • Transitions Fund enabling us to support adolescent boys establish themselves when re-entering the Community
  • Research projects analysing outcomes of the work we do
  • Circles of Support project, which provides help for young men in their local areas
  • Environmental sustainability projects
  • Educational trips

How to leave us a gift in your Will... Leaving a legacy gift is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are the basics:

  • 1 - State in your Will that you would like to leave a gift to us. We recommend using a solicitor or professional Will-writer to make sure your Will is legal and valid.
  • 2 - Include our full name and address, to make sure the money goes to the right place: Friends Therapeutic Community Trust, Glebe House, Church Road, Shudy Camps, Cambridge, CB21 4QH. Registered Charity Number in England and Wales (1124673) and Company Number 6525659.
  • 3 - If you have already written us into your Will, we're very grateful and would love it if you could let us know. Thank you!

There are many different types of gifts in people's Wills, and we are grateful for every single one. Here are a couple of types of gifts you could leave us in your Will:

  • A share of your estate: After you've provided for your family and friends, you can leave a share, or the remainder, of your estate to us. This is called a 'residuary gift'
  • Cash gift: This is when you leave an exact sum of money to us, it's known as a 'pecuniary gift'

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