Glebe House Patchwork

All the Residents and staff here at Glebe House, were asked to decorate a piece of square material so that they could all be sewn together to form a huge patchwork, to go up on display in our Theatre.

After a lot of hard work, time and sewing, by our AD of Care, all of the individual squares were put together to make the most amazing patchwork.

Keeping going!

Even during these tough times, Residents and Staff have been busy with lots of new projects around the house and grounds and also finding ways to thank those who are making a difference.

Glebe House Christmas Cards 2020

Residents have again worked hard to put together designs for this year's Glebe House Christmas cards - these two great entries were chosen and have been posted out.

Christmas Panto & Celebrations at Glebe House

Residents and Staff put on an amazing performance for this years Pantomime at Glebe House... 'An Almost Christmas Carol'

There were a lot of laughs and everyone enjoyed getting into the festive spirit.

Glebe House Christmas Cards Designed by our Residents

Residents have worked hard to put together designs for this year's Glebe House Christmas cards - these two great entries were chosen and are to be printed up and sent out!

Creative Work and Words by a current Glebe House Resident....

"I looked at the bridge and it looked amazing, just steps to another land - how I want to move with my life.

So I made a model of it out of lollypop sticks and the pond it is just amazing to look at. The sound of the pond is unbelievable and the flowers smell so good and look amazing.

So, I made it so people can remember me from it and remember yes, he was okay, just like the bridge was very low at the start but got to the top in the end then moved to the better side to start a new life.

And this is my gift to people to remember me by and to inspire people by."

New Bridge

The Bridge is an important feature here in the grounds of Glebe House - however, it was desperately in need of some TLC.

Thanks to lots of hard work, the Bridge has now been renewed and looks great!

Our new Quiet Area

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first Residents to arrive at Glebe House

The 13th January 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of the first Residents to arrive at Glebe House. Our Director, Peter Clarke, unveiled the plaque to Staff and Residents to mark this very special occasion.

Fantastic Fireworks & A Blazing Bonfire

Our Bonfire and Fireworks display was a huge success, with nearly 600 people attending the event.

One visitor described the event as being "utterly spectacular - possibly the best fireworks display I have ever seen!".

Horticulture Social Enterprise Project

We have recently been working on a new 'Social Enterprise' style project with the Residents called 'Perfect Potted Plants'.

They have been growing, from seed, winter Pansies and Violas to sell; with any surplus money from the sale of these going towards buying plants and seeds for next year's project.... to sell hanging baskets/planters.

Through this project Residents are able to learn and develop many new skills, which can be linked into their Education; and now, with the flowers flourishing into a mass of colour and lots of orders coming in, it is proving to be a very fruitful venture.

Narrowboat Week

Both Residents and Staff had lots of fun on board the Narrowboat Holiday.

Look What's Been Growing In Glebe's Garden!

A lot of effort goes into growing fresh fruit and vegetables here at Glebe House, and with all the hot weather our gardens and greenhouses are overflowing with tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic bulbs, lettuces, courgettes and many more!

Residents get the opportunity to work alongside Staff to learn about Horticulture, gaining lots of new skills and qualifications.

And the best part..... it all makes its way to the GH Kitchen for the whole Community to enjoy!

Glebe's Got Talent 2018

Back by popular demand... Glebe's Got Talent!!!

We have a lot of very talented people here at Glebe House and what better way to show case that, and bring the Community together, than a fun evening of performances by both Residents and Staff. There was rapping, beat boxing, singing, musical instruments, dancing and even a Glebe House first... a dog Act!

Well done to everyone who took part.

Welcome To Our Woodlands

The Friends Therapeutic Community Trust has purchased a nearby Woodland for Community trips and training in skills such as Forestry Management.

Recreational, Educational and Environmental - There is huge potential for offering enhancing experiences to the young people.

Glebe House Through The Seasons

A few photos showing Glebe House and it's grounds through the changing seasons.

Art Projects

The whole Community have been involved in a number of art projects recently. Everyone has made a tile out of clay and once they are fired, these will be made into a sculpture which will be placed in the grounds for everyone to see. Watch this space to see the end result!

Westminster Presentation Photos

Here are some photos of the presentation 'in action' at our House of Commons event!