Glebe House - Residential Children's Home

Underpinned by over 50 years successful provision of outstanding therapeutic care, Glebe House offers an emotionally secure and monitored environment, which supports adolescent boys who have displayed harmful sexual behaviours.

Residents come to Glebe House through referral by Children's Services or as directed by the Court. Glebe House encourages Residents to recognise and effectively reduce the risks and threats that they face and that they represent. The aim is to assist Residents to learn how to maintain socially and legally acceptable standards of behaviour, so that they can resume independent living.

The Glebe House support process uniquely offers a free-of-charge Transition Service post residency to those Residents who have completed the Therapeutic Programme. This covers a three month period and aims to ensure a successful transition back into mainstream society. This after-service is one of the chief reasons Glebe House achieves good long term outcomes and maintains such a cost effective success rate.

Glebe House has a genuine, warm atmosphere. It offers a sense of security and belonging for Residents that are common in Therapeutic Communities, but rare inside a standard forensic setting. There is a real sense of belonging, which both Residents and Staff contribute to and which is based on mutual respect. It is an establishment for young people and inherent to this is a good humoured acceptance of boisterous vigour. However, this is underpinned by a discipline of purpose. Residents are regularly set rigorous requirements that are matched with the type of high expectations they will have rarely met before.

"Glebe House doesn't cure you. It enables you to look at your unhelpful behaviour and gives you an opportunity to explore more about who you are (the rest of you, not just you as an offender). Change can only happen if you want it to."

Residents & Wider Community

Glebe House offers an integrated programme of assessment, intervention and guidance including:

For Residents

  • Diligent support process during residency
  • Minimum 3 month post residency transition period
  • Therapeutic support developing insights, delivering skills based on strengthening morale, building discipline and improving behaviour
  • Staged progress from intense support to contained independent living
  • Life skills development - to make life worth living

For Referrers

  • On going liaison and partnership with referrers
  • Ensuring continuity for cases
  • Providing integrated transition and resettlement
  • Supported by appropriate records, treatment plans, risk assessments and management strategies

For Wider Community/Society

  • A responsible, safe solution for adolescents who pose an unacceptable level of threat or risk to other people and themselves
  • Helping return young people to mainstream life who are fit and willing to contribute to society

Results & Recognition

  • Over 50 years of continuous Therapeutic Community service
  • Repeat referrals and regular recommendations from a growing base of clients
  • Growth of demand for Glebe House leading to expanded community outreach, consultancy services
  • A long serving Staff base and consistency of personnel for Residents

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