The milieu-based activities aim to increase the young person\'s sense of self-worth through personal and group achievement. Social and academic achievements are recognised as positive factors in building resilience. The Therapeutic Programme offers a number of structured activities to support this process.


Our comprehensive Interdependence Programme begins at the time that a young person first visits us for a Residential Assessment. At this point a Needs Analysis is undertaken and each young person will receive a tailored programme designed to enhance and develop their interdependence skills.

Over time Residents will take more responsibility for their own care culminating in a move to an independence bed-sit where they will cater for themselves. Many of our Residents will then move into the bungalow. This building is on site and receives Staff support, commensurate with the ability level of those young people in residence.

Community Meetings

At the core of our Programme are daily Community Meetings. Each meeting is chaired by a Resident Chairman. The meetings offer an opportunity to reflect on recent events in the Community, enabling Residents to give and receive feedback and to explore the dynamics present within the milieu at any given time, in the context of their past experiences. Decision making is framed by the Four Cornerstones: Democracy, Communalism, Tolerance and Reality Confrontation and the group tries to reach a consensus about any action that might be taken.

Chairman Role

All Residents, regardless of ability and status, can apply to be Resident Chairmen. This role carries a great deal of authority, responsibility and the opportunity to use power appropriately. Chairmen not only facilitate Community Meetings, they also attend Staff interviews, take a lead role in inspections, sit on the Health and Safety Committee and contribute to policy making. The selection and interview process is rigorous and many Chairmen go on to be Mentors, working to support Chairmen and the Community.