Therapeutic Community

Glebe House operates as a Therapeutic Community, using Rapaport's Four Cornerstones as an adaptive model. This is a psychodynamic approach emphasising that there is meaning in all our behaviour and that meanings are often linked to past experiences. Emphasis is placed on the significance of group living and management of day-to-day tasks as a repetitive therapeutic tool.

The experience of living in a Therapeutic Community offers the opportunity for significant learning. Most of the young men who live in our Community have experienced disruption during their early years that may be reflected in the quality of the relationships they form. At times, this may result in an inability to develop a sense of belonging and maladaptive responses to their environment. As a Therapeutic Community we enable Residents to take an active part in planning and resourcing their activities. It is within the day-to-day interaction with peers, adults and the wider community that their progress in terms of relapse prevention can be monitored and reinforced.

These learning opportunities are enhanced by a range of on and off-site activities including: work experience, vehicle maintenance, gardening, film-making, arts and crafts and trade instruction. In addition, there is a wide range of social activities on offer.