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John Muir Award

Some very exciting news... We are now registered to deliver the John Muir Award at Glebe House.

The John Muir Award is a nationally recognised environmental/conservation award, which is now open to both Residents and staff here at Glebe House. There will be challenges based around the themes of: habitat management, promoting biodiversity, improving access, studying wildlife and exploring/appreciating the site and what lives here.

The award fits in and complements the education programme at every stage of the process.

Some of the Residents have already started working towards the award and there are lots of activities planned, including: bat walks, camping, hedge/tree planting, bird surveys, dawn chorus walks, GPS/Geocaching activities, tree trails and developing a sensory garden.

Maths Enrichment Day

In March 2021 we are having a Maths Enrichment Day in Education, which will provide a chance for the whole school to come off-timetable and spend the day exploring maths concepts, by participating in fun and engaging maths activities such as: maths treasure hunts, maths puzzles and riddles, and interactive maths quizzes.

The Maths Enrichment Day will give all of the Residents the opportunity to get involved and excited about maths!

Enrichment Day - January 2021

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For our January Enrichment Day, we will be collapsing the timetable and spending the day working on various practical projects that each Resident has chosen.

These projects will help Residents gain independent study skills, whilst allowing them to be creative and develop a work ethic. Some of these projects will also be suitable for the social enterprise activities planned for the summer.

Here are some examples of the projects that the Residents will be working on:

- Making a chess board and pieces out of car parts

- Making a 3D Monopoly style board

- Making a large sign to label the Motor Vehicles Workshop

- Programming a game/story using Scratch

- Research about local history

- Pottery

- Cooking

Enrichment Week - December 2020

The usual pantomime can not happen this year so we have taken a different approach with the Drama and Art Enrichment. The learners will produce stories in small groups and capture them on film. The short films will be shown in a COVID secure way instead of the pantomime.

The learners will be encouraged to write the stories and produce their own props for their short films with support from the teachers and care team. The young people will also have an opportunity to make gifts – crafts, pottery, sewing, sweets, fudge, etc…

The learners will be developing their teamwork and collaboration skills. The numeracy and literacy will be embedded into the script writing and prop making activities. It will be an opportunity for some to work on their leadership and presentation skills. IT skills will be used in the film editing and advertising section of the enrichment work.

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Anti-Bullying Day

Glebe House School will be having an Anti-bullying Day on Tuesday 27th November 2020, where the students will be following the Enrichment Day timetable.

National Poetry Day

Glebe House School will be taking part in 'National Poetry Day 2020' on Wednesday 28th October 2020, where the students will be following an Enrichment Day timetable.

School Open Day

All members of the Glebe House Community were invited to attend the School Open Day. It was a great success and it gave everyone the opportunity to join the Education Team in celebrating all the work that the Residents have done. There were photo displays, work books to look through and Art exhibits.

It was fantastic to get an insight into all the things that the Residents have been learning about and working on during the last academic year.