Eastwood Transitions Foundation

The Eastwood Transitions Foundation is a transition service being developed at Glebe House; this foundation includes a 'Circles of Support' pilot programme, a comprehensive individually tailored Outreach Programme and generic Outreach Service.

Underpinning Ideology

Glebe House has been running for over 50 years, during this time the service has been involved in a range of research projects looking at treatment outcomes (Hackett et al, 2011, Boswell & Wedge, 2002). This research has highlighted the need and importance for good transition services in order to aid the re-integration of young people back into society and maximise the progress achieved through therapy. This has led to the enhancement of the service, which has included the development of our Independence Programme and our vocational education. The next phase is to ensure that when the young people are nearing the end of their residential placement that appropriate support is available to them.

Circles of Support

Glebe House are a recognised Circles provider with Circles UK. The Quaker roots to both Glebe House and Circles UK mean that there is significant overlap in the underpinning principles behind both organisations.

The aim of the partnership is that, where appropriate, young people when leaving Glebe House will have the opportunity to be a member of a Circle enabling them to have support and guidance through this transition phase.


Individually Tailored Outreach Services

Where a Circle is not considered appropriate, either due to the young person's specific needs or local resources, then a comprehensive individually tailored Outreach Package will be developed, looking at forming positive support networks in the local area and providing relapse prevention support.

Generic Outreach Services

All young people receive a generic Outreach Programme in addition to the options outlined above. This includes 4 outreach visits and regular telephone contact from our Transitions Team. Glebe House is staffed 24/7 and young people know that they can telephone at any time if they are struggling; this is not time limited.