What we do

Our charitable Trust provides specialist interventions for young men between the ages of 15 and 18, with a known history of harmful sexual behaviours.

Our case services include:

  • Residential Treatment Service to address harmful behaviour in older teenagers
  • An independence transition service
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Community based assessment and intervention work

The Friends Therapeutic Community Trust (FTCT) was established in the late 1960s in response to the concerns of a Quaker Probation Officer. He had not been able to find an appropriate residential resource where intensive work with troubled young men took place. Now the focus is working with sexually harmful and challenging behaviour and we have acknowledged expertise of working with young men in this area.

The Therapeutic model of Democracy, Communalism, Reality Confrontation and Tolerance inform practice and the Quaker testimonies of Equality, Truth, Peace and Simplicity are core to the thinking of our Trustees who are Quakers.

The Trust always strives to ensure our fees are competitive in a changing world of commissioning and contracting practices.

Underpinned by 50 years successful provision of therapeutic care, Glebe House offers an emotionally secure and monitored environment, which supports adolescent males who are a risk (emotionally and physically) to themselves, to children, to their families and to the wider community.

More about Glebe House

The Eastwood Transitions Foundation is a transition service being developed at Glebe House; this foundation includes a 'Circles of Support' pilot programme, a comprehensive individually tailored outreach programme and generic outreach service.

More about Eastwood Transitions Foundation